Make Money Selling Your Junk Car

Make Money Selling Your Junk Car

Trusted junk car buyers in Cleveland, OH and the surrounding area

Do you have a junk car taking space up on your property you need to get rid of? You can make some cash by selling it to White Towing & Transport junk car buyers in Cleveland, OH. We buy all types of vehicles regardless of make, model and whether it runs. We offer junk car pickup within 100 miles of Cleveland, depending on car value.

We can pick up any type of vehicle under 19,000 pounds. Call us today to schedule your junk car pickup.

Quit paying to fix up your old car and make money selling it instead

When you’re tired of fixing up your old beater and want to make a little cash, sell it to the junk car buyers at White Towing & Transport. We request just a few things to pick up your car: 

  • Proof of ownership
  • Title
  • Car history
  • Car keys

We pay top dollar for your junk car. When you call us, we show up promptly and when we say we will to pick up your junk vehicle.